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Who we are

Brown's Well Pump Service has been serving the area in and around Shueyville for over a quarter of a century, and we know how to treat our customers right.  We are certified  well drillers and pump installers.  Whether you need a small repair to your well system or you are searching for a place that can help you with well pump installation, we can assist you. Our expert team can troubleshoot problems, perform maintenance work, and do installations. Give us a call today to get started on whatever you need! We look forward to hearing from you.

Our services

For a closer look at the kinds of services we provide, please take a look at the web pages we have for you here, or call if you would like to talk to a member of our staff. We specialize in well and septic work, and have many years of experience in this field. Take advantage of our expertise, and dial in the specific services you need at an affordable price.
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Contact our team

You can reach Brown's Well Pump Service using the contact information below:

Address: PO Box 66, Ely, IA 52227
Phone: (319) 848-4222

Please don't hesitate to call with questions. We're here to serve your needs!
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